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About US

Coalesce Center for Dance Artistry is located at 4950 York Road in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and proud to offer a quality dance experience to students 12 months to adult. 


Dancers of all levels and abilities are welcome in our space. We hire amazing instructors who have incredible educations and experiences in dance, and who are truly good people (see bios here). We see a great importance in nurturing our students in a way that teaches them hard work, dedication, and kindness in and out of the studio.


As parents, you want the very best quality of education for your children, and as teachers, we strive to give your children the tools they need to succeed. 



verb            co·a·lesce        kō-ə-ˈles


Our mission is to instill confidence, compassion and determination in our dancers. All students are taught these values through their dance education.  While growing personally, emotionally, & creatively - we learn to grow together.​​

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