2020-2021 Dress Code

As of August 2020, the dress code is as follows. No Exceptions. Abiding by the dress code is imperative for the safety of our dancers and their progression in dance. We will enforce these requirements. Remember that all classes with the exception of Hip Hop are required to wear a bun. No street shoes are permitted on the studio floor.

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Mommy & Me!

(18-36 months)

Creative Rhythm

ages 3-4

Pre-Ballet I

ages 4-5

Dancers must be potty trained. If they are not, parent must not leave the studio. Diapers must be changed in the restroom or your car.

Mommy & Me!

Enjoy 1-on-1 time with your little one during "Mommy & Me!" One parent, grandparent, nanny, or gaurdian is required to attend class with your little one. Get ready to crawl through tunnels, wave the parachute, & dance and sing the day away!

Creative Rhythm

Your little dancer will develop coordination and focus, as well as learn how to follow direction, memorize pattern and learn the basics of ballet. Classes will include: song, movement, ballet basics, and endless joy!

Mommy & Me Dress Code

Children: Any comfy clothing fit for playing, crawling, dancing, & moving! Hair must be pulled back.

Shoes: Bare feet, ballet slippers, or non-skid socks

Adults: Any comfy clothing fit for dancing with your little ones

Shoes: socks, no shoes

CR & Pre-Ballet I Dress Code

Girls: Pink leotard, pink skirt, pink tights, full sole pink leather ballet slippers. Hair in tight bun

Boys: White t-shirt, black pants, white socks, full sole black leather ballet shoes


(Tap/Ballet) II

ages: 5-6.5

Combo II Classes

Young dancers will begin to learn the basics of tap & ballet technique. We suggest a 1-2 year enrollment in our Tap & Ballet Combo before advancing to Level III technique classes. At Coalesce, we value a strong foundation in ballet. Educating dancers at such a young age, benefits the dancer mentally and physically, & grants them opportunity to really flourish as they grow in dance.

Combo II Dress Code

Girls: Black leotard, black skirt, pink tights, hair in tight bun

Shoes: Full sole pink leather ballet shoes, black Mary Jane style tap shoes

Boys: White t-shirt, black pants

Boys Shoes: White socks, full sole black leather ballet shoes, tap shoes

Ballet III, IV,

V, VII, Pre-Pointe

Ballet III, IV, V, VII, Pre-Pointe

The Cecchetti Technique is practiced at Coalesce Center for Dance Artistry.

We see a great importance in the discipline, alignment, strength and precision that ballet provides. It is known that ballet lays the foundation for all other styles, this is 100% true. We encourage all of our students to enroll in ballet. Company & Apprentice Company members are required to take ballet. 

Ballet Dress Code

Girls: Black leotard, any skirt (optional), pink convertible tights. Hair must be in a bun.

Ballet III-IV: Full sole pink leather ballet

Ballet V-VII Split sole pink leather ballet (Capezio "Juliet" Leather Split-Sole Ballet Shoes preferred)

Boys: White t-shirt, black pants

Shoes: White socks, full sole black leather ballet shoes unless otherwise instructed

Tap IV, V, VI, VII, Adult Sessions

Tap IV, V, VI, VII, Adult

With a focus on rhythm, time, sound, and precision, dancers will be challenged to articulate the sounds of their feet. Tap is a very energetic and physical class, we are proud to have multiple faculty members who are fabulous tappers.

Tap Dress Code

Girls: Any color leotard with black shorts or black leggings. Hair must be pulled back into a bun. No t-shirts permitted.

Adults: Athletic top with leggings

Boys: White t-shirt, black pants

Combo III-Tap V Black full-sole lace up Tap Shoes.

Looking for a high quality shoe? We recommend the Jason Samuel Smith tap shoes.

Combo III, Musical Theatre III, Musical Theatre IV, Jazz VI

Combo III, Musical Theatre III, IV, Jazz VI

Students will learn the iconic and classical jazz style that is so recognizable in the arts. Through turns, leaps, use of attitude and posture, dancers will excel in this uniquely beautiful style. Dancers are encouraged to enroll in ballet as well in order to strengthen technique. 

Musical Theatre

Learn the ins and outs of Musical Theatre with Miss Jaimie Geddes, one of the incredible Music Mountain company members! Acting, Singing, Dancing... get on your way to becoming a triple threat!

Combo, Musical Theatre, Jazz Dress Code

Girls: Any color leotard, tan tights, black shorts, or black leggings. Hair must be pulled back into a bun.

Boys: White athletic top or t-shirt, black pants or shorts

Shoes: Tan Jazz Shoes

Lyrical III, Lyrical VI, Contemporary

Lyrical III, VI

Lyrical is a mix between ballet and jazz, as it requires the strength and artistry of ballet and the style of jazz. Lyrical dance is emotional, poetic and expressive in the way that dancers are moved by the lyrics of the song. Ballet is required for Lyrical VI.


A stylized type of dance combining the best parts of jazz, modern, & ballet. Dancers will learn to meld technique, artistry, and emotion in this class. Ballet is required.

Lyrical, Contemporary Dress Code


Girls: Any color leotard, tan tights, black shorts. Hair must be pulled back into a bun.

Boys: Any color t-shirt, black pants/tights

Shoes: Tan Pirouette 

Modern VI

Modern VI

Modern dance is a uniquely creative style of dance as it develops from the emotion, feeling of the music which is translated into movement. Modern is danced in bare feet- this allows dancers to really be in touch with the floor and to maintain their grounded movement when required. Ballet is required.

Modern Dress Code

Girls: Any color leotard, tan tights optional, black shorts. Hair must be pulled back into a bun

Boys: Any color t-shirt, black pants/tights

No shoes

KinderHop, Boys,

Hip Hop III,

Hip Hop V


Hip-Hop requires a certain control to balance the aggressiveness and smoothness of movements. In class we will focus on choreography, musical tone, improvisation, and performance. 

Hip Hop Dress Code

Dancers: Any color athletic tank or leotard with black shorts or black leggings. Hair must be pulled back into a ponytail.

Shoes: Hip Hop V

Pastry Pop Tart Sneakers

(style: #PA15100

color: black)


Hip Hop III & Boys Hip Hop

Theatricals Split Sole

(style: #T8000C

color: black)




Apprentice Company

(By Audition Only)


Company: Any color leotard, tan tights, no shorts. Hair must be pulled back into a very high bun or fun buns. Your bun should not get in the way when laying flat.

Apprentice Company: Any color leotard, tan tights, black shorts optional. Hair must be pulled back into a bun. 

Boys:Any color t-shirt, black pants or shorts, black jazz shoes


Shoes: Tan Pirouettes 

It is important to remember that dancers work in close proximity to others. Please keep your dance clothing clean and smelling fresh.