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2023-2024 LEVELS

  • Ballet is required for classes marked with **asterisksPrivate lessons are not a replacement for a ballet class
  • Ballet Levels will be sent 7/15. New students & students that did not receive an email, please inquire via email.
  • Tuition information will be available online 7/15. Click here for information. 
  • Teachers will be listed on the portal at registration.


Toddler Classes

Mommy & Me: Age 1.5-2.5

    -one parent/guardian must be present in the studio with the dancer

Creative Rhythm: Age 2.5-4

    -must be able to dance independently in the studio without a parent/guardian in the room. At least one year of Mommy & Me is encouraged prior to enrollment.

Level 1

Combo 1: Age 4-5, must be 4 years old by November 2023

-must be at least one year of Creative Rhythm is encouraged prior to enrollment.


Level 2

Combo 2: Age 5-6.5, must be 5 years old by November 2023

-at least one year of Pre-Ballet is encouraged prior to enrollment.


Level 3

Ballet 3: Age 7+

Broadway Jazz 3 (formerly Musical Theatre 3): Age 7+

Contemporary 3 (formerly Contemporary 4): Ages 7+

Hip Hop 3: Age 7+

Lyrical 3: Age 7+

Tap 3: Age 7+


Level 4

Ballet 4: At least 3 years of ballet or at teacher’s discretion

Broadway Jazz 4+: Age 10+

Contemporary 4** (new level): Age 10+

Hip Hop 4: Age 10+

Lyrical 4+**: Age 10+

Tap 4+: Must have taken Tap 4 during 22-23 Season or at teacher’s discretion


Level 5

Ballet 5: At teacher’s discretion

Broadway Jazz 6: 13+

Teen Ballet 5: 12+ with limited ballet experience

Level 6 & 7

Ballet 6: Invitation only

Ballet 6+: Invitation only

Ballet 7: Invitation only

Contemporary 6/7: at least 3 years of contemporary or at teacher’s discretion

Hip Hop 6: Age 13+ 

Lyrical 6**: 13+ or at teacher’s discretion

Tap 6: 4+ years of tap or at teacher’s discretion

Pointe**: Invitation Only. Must be registered for two additional ballet classes


Adult Classes

Adult Tap: at least one year of tap experience is preferred

Adult Ballet : An RAD certified course designed for adults. This class does not contain jumping and is low impact, safe ballet movement for the body.

Our teachers are experienced professionals.

We will place students in classes where they will thrive physically and mentally. 


We encourage our students to do their best in class no matter the level. When we see that a student is truly understanding skills, taking corrections, and showing growth in class, we make the decision to advance them.

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