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When choosing a dance studio, make sure to do your research about where your little ones will be spending their time & that your studio is the right fit for your child. Details regarding your teachers, location, flooring, class options, & performances are all things that we want you to know about. 

Know who your children are learning from. Education & Experience in the arts is a requirement for our instructors at Coalesce. For you and your children to receive proper technical training in dance, we believe that a higher level of education and professional performance experience is necessary. Our instructors are always open to talk with you and your children about their progression, advancement, and goals in dance. Please see more information about our teachers on the Faculty Page.

Coalesce is located in Buckingham Green, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We are proud to be in a shopping center that is safe, well-lit, and convenient for all of our families. While your children are in class, rehearsals, or private lessons, you can peruse the lovely small businesses we are surrounded by.

No schedule is perfect, but we have done our best to stack classes for your convenience. We offer classes from "Mommy &  Me!" to Technique Classes to Adult Classes. If you are curious about where your child should be placed, please email Cristina Siegel at

Because dance is so physically demanding on the body, sprung flooring to fill our 1000+ SF studio was an absolute 'must' when constructing. In order to prevent injury in our dancers, we chose a Stagestep Flooring System that enhances performance and allows dancers to rehearse and perform without holding back, while still maintaining safety. The sprung floor system allows for the shock caused from jumping to be absorbed into the foam pads beneath the surface. We are very proud of our subfloor system and Marley surface, as many studios opt out of this due to cost. 

Sprung Flooring
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