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Dress Rehearsals: May 31 & June 1

Dress Rehearsal is a required event for all dancers. This is a time for our dancers to familiarize themselves with the school, stage, and backstage areas. Dancers must arrive in full hair, makeup, and costume to Villa Joseph Marie HS at least 20 minutes prior to their call time with one parent/guardian- this is not a time to bring the whole family.
Changing areas backstage and in the gym will be available for dancers in multiple pieces. 
Dancers should enter through the main entrance of the school and head straight into the auditorium where they sit with a parent until their dance is called to the stage. The auditorium must remain quiet for dress rehearsal. We encourage applause after dances, but excessive talking must be taken to the lobby in order for our teachers to run all dances successfully. You may record and photograph your child's dance(s) ONLY at dress rehearsal. 
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